Do you want to improve the performance of your executive team, staff, or your sales force and have lots of fun doing it? Do what many other corporations have done and bring in Dr Mo to improve the attitude, culture, and performance of your team. Seminar format varies and will be personalized for your group.

Topic examples:

1. Controlling Your Destiny (Golf and Business)

An interactive exercise between Dr Mo and the group. Teaches participants how to compartmentalize factors into three groups those they have total control over, some control over, and no control over and how to manage each group. Ultimately participants realize they have the best filter ever invented (their mind); they simply have to use it to their advantage.

2. Its all about the Process (Golf and Business)

Storytelling using golf, sailing, and surgery examples to emphasize the importance of focusing on the process of what one is doing versus the results as a way to maximize performance. This talk explains what the process is, how to incorporate it into sport or business and how to use it to maximize performance.

3. Success is a Choice (Golf and Business)

Teaches participants effective ways to mentally engage upcoming events. Ultimately participants realize they can either invite challenge and use adversity as an avenue to success or they can avoid challenge and reject negative outcomes as a way of rationalizing their failures.

4. Golf stories (Golf and Business)

Storytelling using real-life examples of work with Dr Mos clients to emphasize various aspects of performance psychology. The stories are all golf-related but the principles are applicable to both sport and business performance.

5. Practicing with a Purpose (Golf specific)

This talk explains the three primary ways to practice for learning, for transfer (to the course), and to simulate pressure and helps students learn how to spend their time on the putting green and range. Includes demonstrations and drills Dr. Mo uses with tour players. This is for intermediate to advanced golfing groups.

Dr Mo typically schedules one hour seminars, but these can be modified to cover a half-day or full day. Several clients have chosen for Dr Mo to teach all 5 seminars over the course of a two or three-day meeting. Seminars may be scheduled away from Sea Island based on Dr Mos schedule.

Seminar format varies and is personalized for your group. After a series of conference calls, Dr Mo will cater the seminar discussions toward the goals you want to achieve. Topics may also include: teamwork, motivation and handling adversity. The goal is to inspire attendees towards perfecting their professional practices. Whether you're selling soda, performing surgery or winning major golf tournaments, the process is virtually the same.

Previous clients have included groups and organizations such as Motorola, investment firms, real estate professionals, medical experts and sales teams. Settings have included churches, universities, businesses, conference centers and yes, golf courses. Start the process to improving your organization by contacting Dr Mo today!